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Specialty Center in teaching the art of lash extensions

     and continued education for beauty professionals


jussie D. Artistry began her lash extension career in 2006. It was the most challenging scope of practice she had ever learned- and she kind of hated it.

It wasn't the service she hated, but the training itself. Cramped in a room with 10+ future Lash professionals with one educator, only working on an actual model for 3 hours, and then receiving our certificates... how could someone become great at something we barely had the chance to try?

Jussie was determined to get it righT. She continuously seeks personal education and research all over the world- Traveling as far as  europe for ongoing lash education, to competing in lash competitions and having top placements. Jussie started an intensive program 4 years ago to make sure her students would be excited to take on the world with their new lashing careers!

Award winning lash artist featured on CT Style,  American Eyelash Association Founding Member,  Certified N.A.L.A  Educator (NAtional Association of Lash Artists) , listed on the Lash 411 website as well as London Brows East Coast Educator and Professional Distributor- Jussie  ensures her students will be in great hands of a patient, fun and knowledgeable educator. Jussie is also the proud founder of Wink for Pink, and Head Coordinator of World Lash Comp.


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Meet Your Educator And Director: Jussie D. Artistry


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