CONNECTICUT'S NUMBER ONE Private LASH Lounge and training facility 

NovaLash Lash Off 2015 Submission Video:

watch to see the process of Volume Lash Extensions & Behind the scenes of a photoshoot!

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Novalash lash off submission videos

novalash lash off 2013 submission video: 

watch to see the process of classic lash extensions!

lash wars 2015 video behind the scenes: coming soon!

Neesa Lash wars 2015 trailer: LeT the games begin!

* Lash And Brow Extensions should only be applied by a certified technician, as it is a specialty service and there is a lot of safety precautions involved whilst working around the eye area. This page should help consumers understand lashes, and to help further educate lash artists. Please note- The Student Center is for students only. To stay in the lash loop, follow our blog:

NovaLash Lash Off 2014 Submission Video:

watch to see the process of Classic Lash Extensions!

Check out my interview at 1:45 at Lash Wars in Vegas 2014, where I competed as a contestant in the classic category! Thank you to Jody from youtube: galaxydreaming for filming and NEESA for hosting this Competition! (follow her for some hilarious tutorials on skin care, but also informative! )

"Amethyst Lash & Brow lounge "

                                                Tips, Tricks & All That Winks! ;-)


Lash;-Ducation station

Student Access Only

student center

me demonstrating how i sanitize one of my favorite tools, The Lash Wrap!

Thank you Lash Wrap for being a little gift giver/sponsor at lash wars 2015 <3 

stay tuned for some serious awesomeness here!

neesa / lash wars videos

Lash Videos for the consumer and other lash artists

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