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"I love Justine ! She is so sweet, and does an amazing job. I get lash extensions with her, Ive done volume and the original from nova lash.  Ive had my eye lashes down in other places where I was in pain from the burning the whole time/ or being stabbed by each individual lash b/c they weren't putting in the proper place. If you want QUALITY come here !! :) " Yelp 7/17/15 Christine (5 star rating)

"Eyelashes came out natural looking, and Justine was so eager to please.  Great experience.  Would highly recommend for a special occasion!!  As a bonus has an adorable dog with the same name as mine;)" Yelp 3/18/2015 Penny (5 star rating)

"My 3rd time doing eye  lashes but my 1st and best with Amethyst. She did a great job even with a constraint time (I arrived late). Previous was done in NYC. A little pricey without her promotions which she is always running. I don't see myself spending this much on eye lashes but i will return because its worth my time and money. Got a lot of compliments from hubby and friends. Will be returning soon. My 1st review on any product or service." Rukayat Yelp11 /18/14 ( 5 star rating)

"I've gotten lash extensions a couple of times before and liked it, but Justine just gave me the dark, leafy, loveliness I've always wished I had been born with. Now it looks like I was :) Justine just started her own business, but she's been working as a lash artist for many years, and is advanced certified. Bona fide. And a sweetheart to boot." Zoe C. Yelp 3/19/14 (5 star rating)

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