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Join our team on October 16th, 2016 in New Haven, CT. Where we are walking to Lash Out Breast Cancer!

My name is Jussie D. Artistry, I am the owner of Amethyst Lounge, LLC. Making strides is highly important to me as I have had family members, friends and clients affected by Breast Cancer. So many incentives to joining our team! which can be found along with Merchandise information on www.winkforpink.org you can also email winkforpinkorg@gmail.com. 

Please follow https://www.facebook.com/winkforpink for updates on our progress, as well as fun little promotions that will be donated to our team!

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 Along with Making strides, Wink For Pink(tm) is also a pending 501(c)3 company where you will be able to search for local beauty professionals that will provide complimentary eyelash extension services to women and men affected by cancer, as well as other services. We are so excited to provide to the community, and look forward to helping those around the world. www.winkforpink.org