Lash Course F.A.Q's



What types of training do you offer f0r eyelash services?

We have an extensive curriculum being a lash specialty center.  We Currently offer 5 lash extension certifications- from basic classic application to advanced volume techniques, conversion or mentorship programs as well as our 350 hour apprentice program. We also offer eyelash lift training as well. All classes are taught by a certified lash trainer who has been proactive in the lash industry since 2006. 


Realistically, can I learn lashes in one day?

This depends on the type of artist you want to become. Do you "Just want to learn lashes" or "be a lash specialist"? We strive for creating specialists. It is not humanly possible to learn all the proper fundamentals and theory of eyelash extension application.  Sure, you can learn how in one day- but this is not recommended if you truly want to provide the best for your clients. If you are using chemicals near a potential clients eyes, the least you can do in invest and make sure you are working within a safe environment. We pride ourselves with our initial 20/24 hour certification course, where you have the ability to learn at your own pace if you wish, or breeze right through it.


How many students are permitted in class  at a time?

We allow no more than 4 student in our academy curriculums. A lot of students prefer this because of the intricacy the service entails, and they have more attention from the educator. A class can be done with a maximum of 6 students if a larger group training is requesting to train together. Private training is also available and requested frequently.


What is included in the price of class?

We have connected with different professional brands around the globe to bring optimal products to our students. This allows students to try different professional products from multiple companies. You will have an option of buying one of three kits for your training or you can build your own at the shop. A breakdown of each curriculum is listed on each course here. Aside from your training, you will also receive student perks as well. 


What are the pre-requisites to learning lash services?

Those in the state of Connecticut must obtain a license prior to taking a class with Amethyst Lash Academy while they pend approval with the board of education. Those outside of Connecticut must abide by their state regulations. This information is discussed upon registration. Further pre-requisite guidelines are discussed here. If looking to provide service outside the state of Connecticut, you must abide by state regulations to avoid fines and Amethyst Lounge/Amethyst Lash Academy cannot be held responsible or liable for improper research from the student prior to becoming certified. Liability insurance is required prior to registration and is offered with your tuition payment if you do not have it for one full year of coverage.


Is mentorship available after class or if I have previously taken a training elsewhere?


For those that have taken a course with us- You will have lifelong mentorship for basic troubleshooting, however one on one paid hourly sessions are available for more in depth training.  Those that have not trained with us are more than welcome to book a one on one mentorship session with the proof of previous certification. Mentorship programs do not receive a certification. We also offer a conversion course certification for those that have taken a previous training, which we highly recommend if your previous training was one day. 

What can I expect once my course is over?

Once our students complete their classroom and theoretical hours along with their practical and written exam, they will receive a certificate of attendance. They will be guided in class how to move forward by submitting their final case studies outside the classroom setting for their certificate of completion. If you are following a tuition plan and are splitting up your course dates, you are free to start on your case studies once you have had one day of hands on with the instructor and receive your kit- Unless otherwise directed. Students will be given a total of 3 months to complete their final case studies, otherwise they are subject to paying additional rates and training to obtain their final certification.

Does my certification expire?

Your certification expires the date your liability insurance expires. There is no yearly certification fee (subject to charging a late renewal fee). Simply submit your new liability policy with the updated expiration date. If you fail to send in your updated information (you have one month from your liability renewal date) You will be subject to paying a fee to be re-listed on our academy listing and to be admitted back into the student study forum.

How long do I have to complete my course if I am following a tuition plan?

You will have 3 months to complete your certification course, however this will mean you have a whole 3 months without being certified. You have one year to complete our 350 hour Course. If you fail to complete your certification course (case studies and all) you will be subject to paying additional rates and training to obtain your final certification.  This applies for all of our curriculums.

How are payments accepted?

Payment is accepted by debit and credit card as well as cash purchases. You may pay for class online by submitting the deposit or by paying the full amount. A deposit of 695.00 is due to hold any class and is due 2 weeks prior to the initial starting class date. Although we do not offer financial assistance such as financial aid at this time, we do offer a reasonable payment plan. If you are following a payment plan, payments can be broken up into two payments for our 2 day courses and up to three payments for any of our 3 day courses. Payment plan options must be discussed further by a consultation for our 350 hour certification course. 

This is a big investment! Will I for sure be offering this service once my training is over?

Being involved in a specialty service naturally is an investment, but an amazing one if you do!  Trust us, if you are going to be a lash specialist, this will not be your last training (we encourage you to train as much as you can!) Amethyst Lash Academy provides optimal training. Being a specialty service, we cannot confirm every student that passes through our training has the same motivation and specialize/offer this service. Although we do not offer refunds, students are urged to continue hands on practice once their initial training is completed and to receive more training if needed. Success is not guaranteed as it is up to the student to practice their craft as well, once the technique has been implemented in class. We continue to be available for each student as much as possible for mentorship, but payment is non-refundable. It will be transferable only once in the event of needing to reschedule.

I am ready! How do I register?

We are so excited to have you join our Amethyst Lash Family! Simply head on over to this page, select the course you want to take and click the registration button. you will then need to fill out our policy form and place a minimum of the deposit to reserve your space. If you have any issues, give us a shoutout at . We look forward to teaching you!