Preparing for your Reservation 

Amethyst Beauty Lounge is a Connecticut self-certified establishment (6/7/20)

Hello Lash Addicts and Lovelies-We cannot wait to see you! Our online booking is live and are allowing ALL services to be performed. We took pride in how we conducted health and safety guidelines prior to the Pandemic, so please read below how we will continue to work through the pandemic one year later.


As of May 19th 2021 Amethyst Lounge will be following the lift of releasing mask mandates. Amethyst Lounge will NOT require proof of vaccination and we kindly ask all of our clients to respect everybody's privacy. Other clients and technicians privacy. By law, you cannot require proof of showing medical documentation. We kindly ask those who feel comfortable to wear masks to continue to wear them if that is what makes them feel safe. Amethyst Lounge will continue to provide a highly sanitized and clean atmosphere, as we have done since 2015. Conversations asking other clients or technicians if they have been vaccinated will not be tolerated and will be subject to non booking in the future if we feel it is a threatening conversation. We ask everyone to value and respect others' privacy and decisions during these times.


The ashram room will open as well on May 19th. Stay tuned for some classes/workshops in the near future. Thank you for your patience and support.


You will be required to fill out your form online or print and bring it to your appointment if you are new or haven't been in since we re-opened. Those who have updated their forms here will receive first come appointments on our waitlist. Absolutely no exceptions will be made.  


It includes updated information on: company policy | general client information  | covid-19 consent

You can either download this PDF format here, (double sided is preferred but not mandatory) 

fill it out and bring it to your appointment. You may also fill it out here electronically here and just be responsible to sign it at your appointment. (if your electronic form is not sending, PLEASE make sure all fields are filled, even if you must write N/A. do NOT leave anything blank, it is 5 pages) 

Once you have filled out or printed your paperwork, Please confirm here you have viewed everything on this page, so we can send your Client Profile information as well as your credit card " card on file" agreement (this may have to be done in person due to system overload). Your Client Profile is where you update your current credit card information for future bookings, as well as book future appointments.

Thank you for your patience. We hope the protocols we already had in place with the added touches will put your mind at ease about coming back for your appointments.


Prior to booking your consultation for your appointment, we recommend you view the description of the service/s you are interested in and that you view the contraindication list. Your technician will go over these with you to see if the service you selected is the right fit for you.

Please note there must be an appointment made for both services as well as retail shopping.


Health and Safety is our number one priority. 


For your safety and to put your mind at ease, we have listed our protocols below. 

In addition to our mandatory hand towel service/ hand washing for our clients prior to their appointments,

we will be following through with the following:

- Front entranceway security to ensure proper social distancing and safety,

one client entering  or leaving at a time


-  Contactless Temperature taking (Either the forehead or wrist, whichever you prefer)

Covid Questions

Please Note: Masks are still mandated in the state of Connecticut, however  that it is not a law.

If you are someone who cannot or will not wear a mask during your appointment, 

we are requiring you to let us know beforehand so we can make sure your appointments are booked accordingly. We want to continue to be respectful of everyone's personal decisions

and will not turn anyone away. Everyone is welcome, just let us know ahead of time.

Technicians will continue to wear PPE for appointments as they were doing prior to Covid-19.

-Covid Check in items available at the front for each guest includes a mask, gloves, alcohol wipes for your personal items, Disposable hospital socks to maintain our shoe free facility.

- Main Seating in retail area currently closed to everyone, refreshment area is closed at this time, including water. If you do bring a beverage it is covered in a reusable cup that goes home with you.


-Retail can be pre-ordered / appointments can be made to shop specific retail.

We will have items on display but will keep most retail stored away to avoid cross contamination.


To add to what we were already providing for your health and safety:

-Acrylic shield in the nail room as well as upgraded ventilation units for nail dust collection.

-Personal disposable nail kits for each visit.

- Technicians have upgraded their PPE usage as well as their education on BBP, COVID-19, Sanitation Protocols as well as other educational opportunities while in quarantine. 

- Cleaning time in between each client extended, including use of UV Sanitation Light.

- Upgraded sterilization equipment.

- 1 client per treatment room with limitations on linen usage ( disposable linings).

- Ashram classes are currently online, or 1:1 private classes/meditations can be booked.

- Enhanced Record Keeping of your visits

-Upgraded booking system.

- Health and Safety Promise Book with all MSDS information and policies, as well as technicians accomplishment look books are available for your viewing.


Preparing for your Reservation

-Contraindications will be discussed prior to ensure whether the service you have booked is right for you.

- For skin and lash appointments, Please keep skin free of makeup and oily facial products.


-If possible, please avoid heavy exercise and caffeine consumption.

-Our facility offers treatments that require a serene and quiet environment. During these circumstances we are asking clients to only bring what they need (phone/form of payment/keys).

Please become familiar with the rest of our company policies and pricing below.

Confirmation Messages, Late/ Cancelation Policy and Payment:

For your convenience- We send out an email booking confirmation immediately after booking your appointment, an email reminder as well as a text reminder are sent 48 hours prior to your appointment (3 reminders in total). The responsibility is of the client to be sure they arrive to their scheduled appointments, not Amethyst Lounge. If you would like to receive your confirmation another way than what is listed (such as a phone call), please notify us immediately.


If you must cancel/reschedule your appointment, it must be 24 business hours prior to avoid any cancelation fees. Anything canceled outside our business hours will be considered a late cancelation. This also applies to all gift certificate use and promotional  services. A credit card must be placed on file, even with complimentary consultations. If you are uncomfortable with leaving a credit card on file, you may come in and place 50% of your future booking with us in the form of cash or a credit card.

Less than 24 hours and Same Day Cancelations= 50% of the booking

No Show= 100% of the booking

Showing up 15 Minutes or later= Results in rebooking and 20% of the booking to be paid.


Consultations are complimentary, but there is a $50.00 fee for not showing up or canceling last minute. 

If your form of payment declines in the event we must charge you for one of these circumstances- You will be authorized to pay what is due before making another appointment as well as fees associated with the attempted charge if applicable.


Tips are not mandatory, though appreciated as cash only. We accept all major credit cards and cash, no personal checks.

Online booking allows you to pay ahead, however tax will be due at your appointment if you choose this option. 

Prior to booking,

please read the rest of our Company Policies... 

Absolutely NO guests at this time. Our general lounge area is closed to the public. Bringing guests will result in rebooking your appointment and a rescheduling fee.

Due to the extended health and safety measures we must follow from COVID, Limited scheduling will be available at this time to ensure clients and technicians safety. We recommend booking your appointments in advance (2-4 is recommended, we open our books 3 months at a time) to avoid disappointment. 

If there are any contraindications the day of your appointment that you weren't aware of- For the safety and wellbeing of both the client and technician, you will be asked to rebook. However, If you have a known contraindications and show up to your appointment (i.e a cold, skin lesions, contraindications with your eyes such as infections or sores),  it will result in being charged 20% of your booked appointment and be rescheduled.

If you are not 100% happy with your service, please contact us within 48 hours to schedule an immediate follow up appointment where we will make it right. Please note, there are no refunds on services provided and no refunds on open retail.

Our pricing  for services is a "base price". If we feel you need more time, we will notify you of the suggestion and the price difference. Please note that prices and hours are subject to change without notice.

Our general retail hours are listed on the front page of our website, but know that each technician has their own unique schedule. Due to the complexity and demand of our technicians, professionals are sometimes available outside business hours for a non-negotiable price increase.

Lash Extension Clients: Following proper aftercare precautions will benefit your extensions' longevity. Your technician will provide this information at your appointment. You may also learn more on our Lash Media Gallery Page.

Such as with any service, there are risks of a potential allergic reaction due to products used. The client takes full responsibility and will not hold the technician or Amethyst Lounge, LLC liable if these circumstances take place, and they will follow protocol from their technician that direct them to a medical professional. Technicians at Amethyst Lounge are not medical professionals and cannot give medical advice or diagnosis the client .

Service providers at Amethyst Lounge, LLC reserve the right to refuse any business if certain situations are threatening, in the best interest of the consumer or provider, or other miscellaneous circumstances, such as refusal to respect company policies.

* Please note as a small family business- Inquiries will be answered during listed business hours while technicians are not serving clients. Otherwise, inquiries will be answered the following business day. Thank you for respecting our time with our families and our business.

By booking a reservation at Amethyst Lounge, all clients agree to the above listed policies.