Preparing for your Reservation During COVID-19


Covid Business Floor Plan

As a precaution in the event this is requested, here is a thorough floor plan to further understand what areas will be open/closed to the public


Upgrades Made Since Your Last Visit

For your safety and to put your mind at ease, we have made many upgrades since your last visit. In addition to our mandatory hand towel service/ hand washing for our clients prior to their appointments, we will be following through with the following:

- Front entranceway security to ensure proper social distancing and safety


- Temperature taking, Covid Questions

-Covid Check in Pack that includes a mask, gloves (if needed), alcohol wipe for your personal items, Disposable hospital socks to maintain our shoe free facility, a little bag for your phone, keys and form of payment (please only bring what is necessary to your appointment). 

- Main Seating in retail area currently closed to everyone, refreshment area is closed (includes water). We ask if you do bring a beverage it is covered in a reusable cup that goes home with you.


-Retail can be pre-ordered / appointments can be made to shop specific retail.

We will have items on display but will keep most retail stored away to avoid cross contamination.


-Acrylic shield in the nail room as well as upgraded ventilation units for nail dust collection.


-Personal disposable nail kits for each visit.


- Technicians have upgraded their PPE usage as well as their education on BBP, COVID-19, Sanitation Protocols as well as other educational opportunities while in quarantine. 

- Cleaning time in between each client extended, including use of UV Sanitation Light.


- Upgraded sterilization equipment.


- 1 client per treatment room with limitations on linen usage ( disposable linings).


- Ashram classes are currently online, or 1:1 private classes/meditations can be booked.


- Enhanced Record Keeping of your visits


-Upgraded booking system.

- Health and Safety Promise Book with all MSDS information and policies, as well as technicians accomplishment look books are available for your viewing.

Please be patient as we will be navigating through this new schedule of extended cleaning and taking extended appointments for the first few weeks back. 


Preparing for your Reservation

Prior to booking,

please read the rest of our Company Policies...