9:30am Yin | Shawna

6:00pm Stretch, Tone and Roll Out (Starting 10/7) | Shondra


6:00am Aerial Yoga (Starting 11/5) | Shondra


5:30pm Vinyassa Flow | Shawna

6:45pm Gentle by Candlelight | Shawna



6:00pm Stretch, Tone and Roll Out (Starting 10/7) | Shondra


5:45am Silent/Sound Meditation (Starting 10/4) | Jussie


8:00am Aerial Yoga (Starting 11/9) | Shondra

9:30am Yin Nidra Flow | Shawna

Sundays TBD

Class Rates

Reserve Online: $20.00

Drop In Rate: $25.00

3 Classes: $60.00

6 Classes: $108.00

12 Classes: $180.00

The Ashram Experience

(must be used month of purchase) This trial package lets you experience: 

2 Yoga Classes, 1 Moon Ritual or Meditation Class and 1 Stretch Class


Please be aware that yoga instructors are subject to change. Be sure to check the online schedule for any changes to specific dates or added classes. Daily class updates and changes are added to our instagram: @loveandlightashram

- As we build the schedule, we would love honest feedback about the classes being taught as well as schedule suggestions. Please help us understand what classes you are looking for by answering a brief survey while you come visit us.


Prepare for new beginnings or release old habits. This is the perfect opportunity to work with a crystal grid, set your intentions and meditate with like minded crystal healers, shamans, or those that find comfort in performing ceremonies infused with love and light. 

Reiki Share with Jussie

Where reiki practitioners have the ability to channel their craft. Those participating must have a level 1 or higher reiki certification.

 | 12:00pm-1:30pm | $12.00

New Moon Ritual with Jussie

September Workshops

Sound and Essence Meditation with John and David

Come Join John Odlum and David Ascenza for a treat to all the senses combining pure medicinal essential oils and musical bliss throughout a guided meditation. Medicinal-grade essences carry the sacred message of the Plant and Tree kingdoms. The combination of scent, energy and consciousness of these pure essential oils is a great aid in helping us remember our interconnectedness with all of Nature. Combine this with the power of sound. Pre-Payment required for class online or at the shop.

September 28th, 1:00pm-2:30pm | Cost: $35.00


What is Yoga? Yoga classes break into two categories: Hatha and Raja.  Each works on an 80/20 ratio of physical to non-physical; Hatha classes being mostly physical and Raja classes being mostly non-physical.  “Physical” is moving and/or stretching and conscious breathing. Non-physical is mindfulness, conscious breathing and general philosophy. The goal of both is personal mastery and reconnecting to Divinity, therefore all classes acknowledge spirituality and the Divine as present and necessary for spiritual growth.


Hatha: Yin and Yang.  Yin is feminine, slower and with fewer poses, no elevated heart rate and emphasis on healing stress and postural tension at the deep core; ideal for those who have little or no experience with yoga.  Yang is masculine and builds internal heat with what people consider “flow” or “vinyasa” movements. Also healing, more stimulating and requiring a certain range of motion/basic body awareness to be safe and effective.  


  • Restorative yoga, yin yoga and gentle yoga are the three Yin classes.

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced are the three Yang classes.  


Raja: Mindfulness and Meditation. Mindfulness is practicing the use of personal awareness to notice how one approaches and engages in reality.  Meditation is learning to control the bodymind and direct the consciousness towards a single point of focus: NOW.  

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