The Price of Bargain Lashes

… Is it REALLY worth that price tag?

Written and Published by Jussie D. Artistry of Amethyst Lounge

October 21st, 2015 (On Tumblr)

Reposted September 26th, 2018 below:

First off, let me start this post with the intention of hurting no one’s feelings. This is meant to be informative and educate consumers and lash professionals on the importance of professionalism and following industry standards. I am a certified lash extension professional and educator in the state of CT. This isn’t a bashing fest of lash artists and doing before and after photos (that will be another topic and WHY that shouldn’t be done) Photos in the post are clients I had from previous salons seeking my expertise. Now let me clarify:

- The photos here are not pretty. They are not my work and I have had permission to post (except the very last one to give us light at the end of this tunnel).

- They show poor execution of isolation and separation.

This is NOT what a true Certified Eyelash Extension Professional does.

- Some clients here thought they were receiving lash extension services, but were actually paying for something completely different, like lash tabs, clusters or strips applied with unsafe adhesives (i.e hair glue, nail glue, unauthorized adhesives for eyelash extension application).

-many (not all, but most) of these images were of a client receiving a bargain service.

So Bargain Shopping- We are all guilty (don’t even say you aren’t, because I know you are such a fibber!) whether it is that fabulous designer bag at the outlet store you waited to pay $50.00 less on in the retail store, or we splurged on groupon to find the new pedi hot spot! 

The issue with bargain shopping in the beauty industry is simple: we lose valid consumer connection. Groupon and other bargain sites potentially can be a wonderful way to access new clients for your business, if it wasn’t so hard on the technicians’ wallets and schedules. Splitting your service in half for bargain sites like this to only earn a third of that total (if that- once you deduct your costs and what you owe Uncle Sam)… You could eventually risk losing your business and your new clients. Sites like this tend to overbook a technician where they are squeezing in as many clients as they can in a day. You can be smart and offer smaller services on these sites to gain clientele, or even limit how many you sell. But unfortunately, this is a very common problem.

Let’s face it, Lash Colleagues- This is what pays our bills. So for some, the instant money can be tempting. But, if you are in it truly for the love of it and the artistry, the money will come in time with client retention and making sure your returning clients are happy. What is better than providing for your family, living a healthy and happy lifestyle by making people feel better about themselves? And what is more upsetting than receiving a negative review from a previous consumer stating they were unhappy with the work you did, or that they couldn’t get in to schedule an appointment because you are booking 15+ people a day doing mediocre/not so strong work? Can you truly be happy sending those clients out that door?

I can’t.

I simply am one human being. I can only work so many hours a day, along with making sure I am healthy and happy. I cannot and will not lash everyone in this world. I take pride in doing classic full sets in 1 ½ -2 hours. Volume full sets I recommend a 2 ½ hour time slot (3 I would LOVE, but clients simply cannot sit that long most of the time). I want my clients walking out with “Designer brand” lashes, Not “Drive Through/Chop Shop” Lashes. Trust me, they are happy 500% of the time.

That is the most important thing to be successful in this business, the love of what you are doing. Success will follow! 

I am not saying don’t run promotions, lash professionals- Promotions can be a wonderful thing! Just really study your market, what will work best for your business (i.e in house promotions, social media, website,etc) and know your limit. It is time, Lash Artists to take hold of your craft and educate our consumers, and take back our industry!

Consumers, although a lot of this post is directed to those that are in my industry, you deserve to be educated too!  

So, without further ado…. The horror:

(Notice this clients damage to her inner corner lashes… this took months to restore her natural growth).

This poor woman had crusting and discomfort, 3 DAYS after her full set application. The removal of that right eye took close to an hour from glue build-up)

(this client had a strip lash directly applied to her lash line with a form of adhesive, and was told by her original location, “they could not remove them and they would fall off on their own” She ended up pulling out most of her lashes from the discomfort. I saw her 2 months later for her full set to avoid the look of multiple “gaps”).

Let’s face it, consumers- This work isn’t impressive, at all. You absolutely get what you pay for with no research of your technician. You also should keep in mind that we are working near your eyes, with very sharp objects. Many things can go wrong in the wrong hands. Make sure your lash professional is certified and insured.

Light Volume Set by @jussiedartistry Copyright 2014 Amethyst Lounge.

Much more pleasing to the eye, don’t you think ;-) 

Love, Light & Lashes,

Jussie D. Artistry-

Owner of Amethyst Lounge, LLC and Amethyst Lash Academy

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